Return & Exchange

Conditions for products exchange/ return from Rollingpaperthailand Website

There are only 2 cases for products that we accept to exchange or return

1.Error cause by us on shipping the wrong model or wrong size of products

2.Error from the production process

If the error is caused by the above cases, the product can be exchanged and returned by contact us via Line or E-mail within 5 days after receiving the product.  In case of exchange/return due to the mistake in shipping the wrong model or wrong size of products, the return product must be in perfect condition, unbreakable and unuse

General Merchandise and Promotional Product

Products that you ordered the wrong model, wrong size, including products that are discounted form our special occasion

campaign and set products, we reserves the right not to accept exchanges/return/refund in any case. If there is a cause incurred in the case mentioned above we reserve the right in its sole discretion.

Procedures and Timeframes for the Return & Exchange Process

After receiving the information from customer, we will inspect and deliver the product within 7 days.
If the product that the customer wants is out of stock, we will contact the customer directly to offer alternative products. In the case that the replacement product chosen by the customer is more expensive than the original product, the customer must pay the difference in all products.

Filter products
Cigarette Filter35
Cigarette Holder9
Joint Filter (Charcoal)16
Rolling Machine15
Rolling Paper119
Elements Paper5
Gizeh Paper13
Juicy Jay’s Paper32
Mascotte Paper10
Raw Paper26
Rizla Paper8
Smoking Paper23
Activated Charcoal Filter for Joint16
Aluminium Roller3
Biodegradable Plastic Roller6
Cigarette Carbon Filter2
Cigarette Unbleached Filter5
Flavor Paper27
Hemp Paper16
Menthol Filter2
Plastic Roller6
Pre Rolled Tip3
Rice Paper4
Unbleached Paper30
Unbleached Tip6
White Filter11
White Paper23
White Tip1
1 1/4 Paper 79 mm.18
Extra Slim Filter6
KSS Paper 110 mm.48
Long Slim Filter3
Paper Tip6
Pre Rolled Cone5
Regular Filter2
Roller 110 mm.5
Roller 70 mm.6
Roller 79 mm.1
Slim Filter6
SW/Regular Paper 70 mm.25
Extra Thin Paper17
Free Burn Paper12
Medium Paper32
Thin Paper41
Price: 99 ฿7050 ฿
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